Badgerland Aero Club (BAC) is a not for profit organization focused on providing it's members safe, fun, and inexpensive flying options. BAC aircraft are based out of the South Ramp at the Dane County Regional Airport (KMSN) and are hangared, fueled, and serviced by WI Aviation.

The club has two IFR certified aircraft which are very well maintained. Our planes are specifically chosen to allow for mission flexibility and their ease of maintaining pilot proficiency. We believe our selection of aircraft allow veteran and student pilots the opportunity to maintain proficiency in or easily advance through their private, instrument, and complex endorsements. Whether you want to go on a weekend XC, quick flight around Madison, or get your CFII endorsement BAC has an aircraft that will fit your needs.

Our club is currently at membership capacity. If you are interested we will put your name on a waiting list.
Fill out an application or contact for additional information.