Mission Statement:

Badgerland Aero Club is a non-profit organization formed to stimulate an interest in aviation; to provide the members an opportunity to engage in flying as a recreational activity; and to encourage and develop skills in aeronautics, navigation, mechanics and related aero sciences.

At BAC we strive to keep a 10:1 pilot to plane ratio which minimizes scheduling conflicts and maintains an adequate financial cushion to keep our planes flying comfortably and safe.

Membership Fees:
At this time our club membership is at capacity. If you are interested in our club, we can put you on a waiting list.

Monthly Fee:
The monthly membership fee of $80 pays for the fixed costs that are associated with our planes. These fees are typically Insurance and hangar fees.

Plane Flying Rates:
Flying rates are based upon tach time instead of hobbes and include fuel (wet rate). Plane flying rates are computed monthly based upon the current average fuel cost. The example below is based on the January 2018 fuel cost of $4.51/gal.

PlaneBase Rate   Fuel Burn   Wet Rate @ 4.51/gal
Cessna 172M     $47.00     8.4 GPH$84.88/hr
Piper Arrow II     $81.00     9.4 GPH$123.39/hr