The Badgerland Aero club owns two aircraft, a Piper Arrow II and a Cessna Skyhawk 172. Each aircraft is IFR certified and both are very well maintained. The Arrow is a complex aircraft with a retractable landing gear and a constant speed propeller. It also features a Garmin 430W GPS system. These two features make our Arrow an excellent aircraft for those pilots earning their instrument rating and qualifies for those pilots earning their commercial rating.

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N1481X Arrow II
  • Lycoming IO-360 200 HP 4 cyl
  • Hartzell 3 bladed constant speed prop
  • Fuel Injected
N1481X Arrow II Avionics
  • Garmin 430W GPS Com1/Nav1, Database updated monthly
  • King KX170B Com2/Nav2
  • King KMA24 Audio Panel
  • Piper Vacuum Backup
N1179U Skyhawk 172M
  • Lycoming O-320 160 HP 4 cyl
N1179U Skyhawk 172M Avionics
  • Garmin Aera 500 GPS
  • Narco Com1/Nav1
  • King Com2/Nav2